A DCR corresponds to the Unique Identification Number assigned to each bicycle that Benelli Bike manufactures worldwide.
This number is associated with a QR-URL Code that must always remain intact on the bicycle; otherwise, the guarantee could lose its validity. Please try to keep that code on your bike.



Subject to the limitations, terms, and conditions described in this Policy, Benelli Bike guarantees to the registered owner of each Benelli Bike brand bicycle, that its products are free of defective materials or manufacturing defects.

Benelli Bike and its Local partners have the following authorization:
- Change the bicycle for the same or similar one; or one of equal value or higher value.
- Analyze and consequently authorize or reject the replacement of the bicycle frame with the same or similar, depending on availability.

Both solutions are purely and exclusively through the request via the official Benelli Bike website for users who purchase the bicycle through the official sales channel (Web or Benelli Bike Official Store). You can see the official stores on our website.


This warranty will be valid within the terms established for each type of bicycle. This warranty is conditioned by reasonable and correct use.

This warranty will not be valid if:

- The owner does not verify, at the time of purchase, his email account.
- The owner does not confirm through his BBIKE ARG account, the reception and activation of the bikes.
- If any modification caused on the original bicycle affected its correct operation.
- If the bike has suffered extreme heat conditions. (heaters, stoves, car exhausts or even under the sun for long periods)

Each bicycle or frame has a life cycle. The duration varies depending on the maintenance and care that the bike receives, as well as the type and amount of use.

Uses in racing, jumping contests, aggressive driving, driving on rough terrain, driving in extreme conditions, riding with heavy loads, commercial activities, and other types of non-standard use can dramatically shorten the life of a bicycle or frame.
A single or any combination of these conditions may result in a negligible failure of a bicycle or frame that will not be covered by this warranty.
Benelli Bike recommends that all users periodically take their bikes to the corresponding technical service. In this way, signs of stress and potential failures can be reviewed. These include cracks, deformations, corrosion, chipping or cracking of paint, dents, and any other potential problem of inappropriate use of the product. There are essential safety reviews to avoid accidents and injuries to the cyclist.

Benelli Bike undertakes to replace the bicycle or the frame that manifests a defect in materials during the warranty period within the assumptions provided herein.
Due to the evolution of products and age, some frames or bicycles will not be available in previous models.
The bicycle or frame that is replaced following this warranty will be replaced by the same or similar design.

The guarantee granted by Benelli Bike does not cover in any case, defects, or personal damages resulting from abuse, neglect, incorrect repair, poor adjustment, alterations, and modifications that Benelli Bike considers contrary to the correct one.
This is the only warranty given by Benelli Bike, and no employee or agent is authorized to provide a guarantee on behalf of the brand.


Types of Warranty Validity Terms Exclusions
Aluminum Frame Rupture 2 years Be a registered Owner.
Send the frame if it's required.
Request via Web.
See Maximum Allowed Weights. FLU paints are not guaranteed for fading.
Carbon Frame Break 5 years
Paint defects 1 year
Refund 30 days Request via Web. Missing, use or without its original box.



Types of Warranty Shipping Workforce  
Aluminum Frame Rupture Free of Charge With Charge  
Carbon Frame Break Free of Charge  
Paint defects 1 year  
Refund With Charge    




140 KG
All aluminum MTB frames without carbon fork.
All straight aluminum handlebars without carbon fork.
All curved and straight handlebars.
All carbon mountain bikes - without carbon wheels.
109 KG
All children's bicycles 24 and 20 wheels with pedals.
105 KG
All children's bicycles 16 and 12 wheels with pedals.
20 KG
All child bikes without gear system.


25 KG
All frames with rack anchor points. The maximum load in the rear rack is 25 KG.
The maximum load of the bag in the chair holder is 2.3 kg. Altogether it cannot exceed 25 KG.
15 KG
All aluminum frames without rack anchor points. Maximum load of 15 KG in the rack installed with clamps.
The chair carrier can use a maximum of 2.3 kg and together no more than 15 KG.
All forks with rack anchor points. Maximum load for a front rack.
2,3 KG
All rack-mount frames. The chair holder limits the load capacity.
All double suspension frames. The chair holder limits the load capacity.
0 KG
All children's bikes without pedals, Not allowed to load.
All load rack mount forks. They are not allowed to load.

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