Electric Balance Bike for Your Kids

Mar 30, 2023

Why You Should Get an Electric Balance Bike for Your Kids?


Electric bikes aren’t only for adults! Kids can jumpstart their cycling journey with e-balance bikes that make learning how to ride easier and more fun than ever. Keep reading to learn about all the reasons why an e-balance bike is a great choice for your little one!


What is an e-balance bike?

This modern twist on traditional balance bikes outfits the kids’ bike with a small motor and battery. There are still the classic features designed especially for little kids, including small-diameter wheels and a compact frame that's easy to hop on and off of.

Balance bikes have small footrests instead of pedals so kids can practice gliding without having to worry about the added stress of pedaling. Depending on the model, balance bikes may or may not be brakeless. E-balance bikes have an integrated motor that adds a smooth, modest boost that's not too powerful for young riders. As you’ll see, there are many advantages to riding a motorized balance bike!

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Easy to learn

E-balance bikes can flatten the learning curve for young cyclists as they develop their skills. The natural progression with a balance bike starts with walking, striding, and then longer glides with their feet off the ground. The addition of a motor makes it easy to keep up the momentum, perfect for youngsters who are struggling to push off the ground with sufficient strength.


Perfect their balance

Standard balance bikes don't have pedals so riders have to be on flat or downward-sloping ground to maintain speed. However, e-balance bikes provide a boost so kids can ride without stopping on flat or uphill paths! This gives them plenty of time to focus solely on their balance rather than continually using their legs to keep up the pace.


A thrilling ride

Another huge advantage is that e-balance bikes are super fun to ride! Kids love the added power and extra speed and can feel like their own mini motorcycle hero. E-balance bikes are popular with kids interested in motocross or dirt bikes, giving them a fun and safe introduction to motorized two-wheelers as young as 2 years old.


Better family rides

If you ride together as a family, it's normal that the youngest riders will be the slowest. Balance bikes aren't designed for speed but e-balance bikes provide plenty of pace so riders can keep up with stronger family members. Enjoy riding as a group, whether it’s around the neighborhood, to the local ice cream shop, or wherever else you love to ride.


BBIKE releases for 2023

Benelli Bike already offers two e-balance bike models. The 12” version has a 150W motor and the larger 16" model has a 350W motor. This summer, we are officially participating in Eurobike 2023 for the first time and are thrilled to launch our brand in Europe, the global center of urban cycling. Keep an eye out for new BBIKE products launching in 2023!


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