E-Urban Bike Trends 2023

May 9, 2023

There’s never been a better time to explore and get around cities by bike. Urban dwellers are flocking to e-bikes as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to cars and public transportation.

Cities across the world are investing in safer cycling infrastructure while bike brands are busy at work designing the new fleet of urban two-wheelers. Keep on reading to learn about the latest trends in city e-bikes and what’s to come in 2023.


What exactly is an e-urban bike?

The spectrum of e-bikes designed for city use is so wide that the industry hasn’t yet concurred on a single umbrella term for the bike type. Common prefixes include e-urban, city, commuter, or hybrid e-bikes and each has its own nuances, but they all refer to electric bikes built for the diverse urban environment. 

Here at BBIKE, we refer to our models as “e-urban bikes” to indicate their immense versatility both inside and beyond the strict city limits— that is to say, our bikes are designed for the more expansive urban environment in general. Our fleet embraces hybrid bike geometry and includes useful features such as fenders, a rear rack, and integrated lights. Other city e-bikes on the market boast a kind of moped-style design while others have fat tires or bigger cargo-carrying capabilities.


Slimmer, lighter, and more capable

While there are many styles of e-urban e-bikes, the general direction they’re heading in 2023 is similar. Expect to see city e-bikes become even more streamlined, making it increasingly difficult to tell apart these motorized machines from their standard counterparts. Slim batteries can neatly fit inside the downtube without adding any width and mid-drive motors continue to take up less space inside the bottom bracket area.


E-bike commuting continues to climb

Fueled by the ever-growing popularity of commuting by bike, manufacturers across the industry have a big incentive to innovate and launch new products in 2023. Local governments are increasingly making improvements to their streets to encourage biking and, along with the rising living costs in cities, they are persuading people to make the switch to e-bikes. While this is a gradual change in more car-centric places such as the US, e-bike hotspots like Europe are experiencing booming demand that’s sure to deliver many new products this year.

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BBIKE E-urban releases for 2023

BBIKE is ready to reinvent your commute with our upcoming e-urban bikes new for 2023! This summer, we are officially participating in Eurobike 2023 for the first time and are thrilled to launch our brand in Europe, the global center of urban cycling. Stay tuned for future news or come see us at Eurobike in Frankfurt, Germany to see our new line of road, gravel, urban, and e-bike models!


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