Cycling Trends in Europe

May 12, 2023

As the birthplace of cycling, Europe has long been the torchbearer and industry leader when it comes to all things bikes. The newest ideas and most innovative products often get their start here before they spread to other markets.

Learn about the latest trends and European policies in 2023 below and sneak a peek into the future of cycling!


Current industry outlook

The bike industry has been rocked over the past few years, both positively and negatively. The COVID-19 pandemic sent cycling’s popularity sky-high but supply chain issues and low inventory caused severe backlogging. This year, prices have increased in some areas due to the energy crisis and geopolitical challenges meanwhile many brands are having big sales to offload the now-restocked inventory.

One thing, however, is clear in 2023: the high demand for and interest in cycling is going to stick around for quite a while. It’s on the climb in cities as a sustainable way of transportation and electric bikes are convincing more and more people to hop onto two wheels.


An e-bike ceiling?

Electric bikes are especially popular in Europe (compared to places like the US or Asia) and continue to take up a larger slice of the urban transportation pie. European cities are increasingly more bike-friendly and consumers are buying new e-bikes to enhance their daily ride. We still haven’t the e-bike ceiling, however, so sales of electric bikes will continue to be strong, especially considering individuals’ and local government’s renewed interest in better bike infrastructure across the continent.


New EU cycling resolutions

On February 16, 2023, the European Parliament passed a resolution to develop an EU cycling strategy and endorse stronger support for biking. While not a law, the resolution calls for doubling the kilometers cycled in Europe by 2030 and designating 2024 as the “European Year of Cycling” which will be complemented by upcoming policies.


Another critical step was taken on March 9, 2023, when plans for the EU Cycling Declaration were announced. The official plan should be revealed before the summer and is expected to be an ambitious agenda with increased investment in bike infrastructure and support for the cycling industry. These exciting new policies indicate that Europe is doubling down on its advocacy of cycling as a key component of sustainable cities in the future.


Upcoming Trade Shows

Check out this schedule of past and upcoming cycling trade shows in Europe that display the latest and greatest in the industry!


Cyclingworld: Düsseldorf, Germany, from March 10-12

London Ebike Festival: London, England, from April 21-24

Velo-city 2023: Leipzig, Germany, from May 9-12

Eurobike 2023: Frankfurt, Germany from June 21-25

Smart City Expo World Congress: Barcelona, Spain, from November 15-17


BBIKE releases for 2023

This summer, BBIKE officially participating in Eurobike 2023 for the first time! This marks the launch of our brand in Europe, the global center of urban cycling, and a great opportunity to meet with customers and fellow manufacturers. Stay tuned for upcoming releases of new e-bike, road, mountain, and urban models!


Have questions about the BBIKE lineup? Chat with us online 24/7 or send an email to


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