Cycling Trends in Asia

Mar 14, 2023

Around the world, the cycling industry is growing while the realities of biking are changing for the better. Asia is one of the most important regions when it comes to manufacturing and is home to an ever-increasing number of cyclists, factories, and bike tourists.

Keep reading to discover the latest news in the Asian cycling market and see what’s in store for the near future!

The importance of the region

If you didn’t know, the Asian continent is a key player in the cycling industry as home to the world’s largest factories and manufacturing facilities of many global brands. From raw materials to finished components and complete bikes, odds are that some part of your new bike passed through Asia on its way to you. The region’s expertise in carbon fiber and efficient manufacturing processes give it a competitive advantage compared to other zones.

In 2021, the largest exporters of bicycles included mainland China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Germany, and Cambodia— with a trio of Asian countries taking up three of those coveted top spots. China consistently leads the pack and exported 40.8% of the world’s total exported bicycles, with Taiwan coming in at a distant second at 10.6%. Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh also make the list of top 15 exporters. Those last three Asian countries were actually the fastest-growing exporters of bikes since 2020, indicating serious growth in their respective markets.


Growth of bike use in cities?

As with the rest of the world, bicycle use in cities is on the rise in Asia. Bicycles— especially electric bikes— have proven to be an effective alternative to mopeds, cars, and other forms of transportation but the increasing statistics aren’t present across the board. Some areas of China— despite the constant growth in bicycle production— aren’t actually experiencing a significant uptick in cyclists. Cities like Beijing and countries such as India, however, are witnessing a large increase in bike usage.


Cycling tourism

Europe may be the first place that comes to mind when you think about a cycling holiday, but Asia is becoming a more popular destination for travelers on two wheels. Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia attract many cycling tourists every year and other countries like Japan and Korea are gradually taking on a bigger slice of the pie, too.


The gender gap

The Asian continent isn’t immune to the gender disparities that are prevalent across cycling. A comprehensive study completed by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy was recently published in March 2023, showing that less than 30% of cyclists in China are women. In some cities, however, women, “are more likely [than men] to cycle as a means of accessing leisure, exercise, errands, and for multi-modal trips” instead of commuting directly to work by bike. We recommend reading the interesting ITDP report to learn more about women’s cycling in China!


BBIKE in Asia

Benelli Bike is an international brand operated from our headquarters in Shanghai, along with operation bases in the Americas and Europe, our Italian heritage. Our close partnerships with manufacturers and factories ensure the highest quality and most competitive prices for our extensive range of bicycles. In 2023, BBIKE is officially launching in the European and Asian markets— so keep an eye out for more upcoming news!

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