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The M19 2.0 EXP CARB 29 was built from scratch with the intention of providing experienced XC riders with a race-winning mount. And because it is a Benelli, it wins with an exceptional style and a price that leaves similarly equipped XC bicycles drowning in the dust and out of breath ... just like its cyclists. Designed to win. The M19 2.0 EXP CARB 29 is bristling with high caliber technology and design. It is the end result of the effective combination of sophisticated engineering with modern materials science. The Benelli T700 ultra-aggressive carbon frame with an almost supernatural response, the T700 R07 Seatpost and 3k carbon bearings form the center of this two-wheel masterpiece. The DT-SWISS Fork and Rim Kit puts a final high-end seal on this incredible bike

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