Benelli Bike has developed a simple and agile guarantee system so that you can quickly solve any technical problem with your bicycle. The information contained herein incorporates the essential warranty and maintenance conditions necessary for the proper and safe operation of your bicycle.

Subject to the limitations, terms, and conditions described in this policy, Benelli Bike warrants to the owner of each registered bike that its products are free from defects in material or workmanship. It is important that when you receive your Benelli Bike you activate the warranty through the website.


Validity and Warranty Conditions

Benelli Bike (BBIKE) guarantees the owner registered in our guarantee system that each Benelli Bike Brand bicycle is guaranteed against manufacturing defects in accordance with the established conditions of use.

This guarantee will be valid for all owners of a "Benelli Bike" brand bicycle, regardless of whether or not they are the original purchaser, and will expire within the periods established below for each type of product from the original date of purchase from the official distributor. 


5 years

Full Carbon Fiber Frames (Frame and Rigid Fork).


2 years

Full aluminum Frames (Frame and rigid fork).


1 year

Defects in paint and/or decals. (*1)

Components (*2)

Carbon Fiber Wheels.

Suspension Forks.

Motor and Battery (E-BIKES)

Electrical/Electronic Components. (E-BIKES)


(*1): Bubbles and deformations in the paint layer, in frames, and rigid forks.

(*2): Seat Posts, Stems, Handlebars.


*Warranty for third-party components is covered by the original brand warranty guidelines.

*Due to evolutionary changes and product obsolescence, some frames or components may no longer be available for older or limited edition models. In such situations, BBIKE reserves the right to provide a substitute product that, at its discretion, is the most similar comparable model.

*All labor charges for warranty service, including the transfer of components and/or any installation of new components, are the responsibility of the bicycle owner



The Guarantee will not be valid if

- The owner does not verify his email account informed at the time of purchase Online or in the official store.

- The owner has not registered and activated his product on the BBIKE page. “ Product Registration and Activation Instructions

- The QR code of the bicycle frame is altered.

- The damage is due to an accident, impact, and/or any situation that was not a manufacturing defect.

- The damage is due to a natural wear part that did not receive proper maintenance.

- Damage is due to abuse, neglect, improper repair, poor fit, and use contrary to what Benelli Bike says.

- If the bicycle is used in show jumping, aggressive riding, riding on severe terrain, riding in extreme conditions, riding with heavy loads, commercial activities and other types of non-standard use can shorten the life of a bicycle or its frame.

- If the bicycle suffered alterations in its original factory format.

- If the bicycle is exposed to extreme heat conditions.

- If the maximum cyclist weight and cargo limitations established for each bicycle are not respected (detailed in “ Annex: List 1 ”).


Registration and Product Activation Instructions

In order to claim the rights granted by the guarantee conditions, it is necessary that all Benelli Bike Brand bicycles be registered and activated on the BBIKE website.

You can register and activate your bike on the official Benelli Bike page. “ Register my Bike

The "DCR" number is the Identity of your bicycle, it corresponds to the UNIQUE identification number that is assigned to each bicycle that Benelli Bike manufactures worldwide.

Each "DCR" is associated with a QR code which you can find on the cross tube of your bicycle frame.

This number will be useful for the registration and activation of your bicycle.

Warranty Request

You can initiate a warranty claim through the official Benelli Bike website " Request Warranty " or at the official Benelli Bike representative store.



Every bike or frame has a useful life cycle. The duration of this varies depending on the maintenance and care that the bicycle receives as well as the type and amount of use that is made of the bicycle or frame.

Benelli Bike recommends that all users periodically take their bicycles to carry out the corresponding technical service; In this way, signs of stress and/or potential failures can be checked, including cracks, deformations, corrosion, chipped or cracked paint, dents, and any other potential problem of inappropriate use of the product.





Criteria Total Weight Limit
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; without "Carbon Fiber" Rigid Fork 120 kg
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; without "Carbon Fiber" Rim
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; without "Carbon Fiber" Handlebar
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; without "Carbon Fiber" Seat Post
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; without "Carbon Fiber" saddle
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; with rigid "Carbon Fiber" Fork 90 kg
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; with "Carbon Fiber" Rim
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; with "Carbon Fiber" Handlebar
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; with "Carbon Fiber" Seat Post
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; with "Carbon Fiber" Saddle
Any 20" or 24" bike; with "Aluminium" Frame 90 kg
Any 20" or 24" bike; with "Carbon Fiber" Frame
All 16" Bike 60 kg
All 12" Bike 45 kg
Characteristic Load Weight Limit
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; with rack anchor points on the frame. 25 kg rear rack
  2.3 kg in seat post bag
Any 27.5", 29" or 700C bike; No rack mount points on the frame. 15 kg rear rack installed with clamps
  2.3 kg in seat post bag
Any 20" or 24" bike 2.3 kg in seat post bag
Any 12" or 14" bike 0kg
Total Limit Weight: The term refers to the TOTAL maximum load (Rider Weight + Cargo Weight) for which the bicycle was designed and tested.

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